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Great points all - especially those about the relative performance of the two antennas at your QTH. I believe that's an important element of the equation. It would be really nice for anyone considering the purchase to have a chance to compare side-by-side at their location(s) with their gear. 

The bottom line is what works best for you, the end owner of the product in question. Both antennas work. The ultimate purchase decision ought to be an individual one that's based on which product (radio, antenna, accessory, etc.) works best for the person who's about to spend the money.

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I have both. I started with the ELK due to the cheaper price as it does dual band without a duplexer. I've been very happy with it and its currently in my back yard on a rotor (its cold outside this time of year). For comparison, I bought the Arrow 5 months ago. Contrary to N3TL'd very respetable and valued comments, the Arrow does seem to do better for me, holding a signal a little 
> lower in the sky. No leaps and bounds, but noticeable. 
> I'd sum it up like this: 
> Elk 
> + cheaper all around 
> + can be easily set up for permanent use 
> + easier to aim due to wider beam width. Log periodic are like this. 
> + smaller and very fast setup/teardown 
> + one connector for dual band. - no handle for handheld use . You have to make one, but it's extremely easy to 
> do. And no threads for tripod. 
> - inconvenient if using 2 rigs. Must but a separate duplexer. 
> Arrow 
> + copies a few degrees (just a few) lower than the Elk at my QTH 
> + convenient built in handle and built in threads for tripod 
> - narrower beam width - have to "aim" better. 
> - not easily set up for permanent use. No simple mount and you wouldn't want to 
> leave that "in handle" duplexer outside 
> - Can easily use for 2 rigs. Just don't use the duplexer (if so equipped) and 
> plug into the separate UHF and VHF 
> Mike WB1AAT 
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> -------------- 
> > I'm looking to get started in FM satellites and am considering 
> > purchasing one of these antennas. Wanting to get some thoughts and 
> > opinions from people that have been doing this longer than I have 
> > been. 
> > 
> > http://www.elkantennas.com/2m4405element.htm 
> > http://arrowantennas.com/146-437.html 
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