[amsat-bb] Re: Elk Antenna vs Arrow Antenna

Kauto Huopio OH2LFM oh2lfm at sral.fi
Sat Dec 27 03:32:43 PST 2008

I have an Elk myself, bought originally for emergency prepardness ops.
Have tried
with satellites couple of times - with very favourable results. One
odd thing - why
PL-256 connectors are still used in 2m/70cm equipment sold in US? We
have a saying
that PL-256 is a screwable banana plug connector.. at 70cm, loss is
already noticeable.

Why the ham radio equipment industry can't supply equipment with appropriate
connectors like N on rigs and antennas to US market? In Europe, N is
the way to go
on yagis, amps and rigs on 2m and 70cm gear.

--Kauto OH2LFM

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