[amsat-bb] Gulf Alpha Antenna Model No.2M 70CM Sat. (Dual Band Antenna)

Guy Brauning guyjeanbraun at comcast.net
Thu Dec 25 17:44:13 PST 2008

Hello and thanks for reading this.  I am looking for some "Owner Experience"
before making a decision about buying one of the Gulf Alpha dual band
satellite antennas.  I know the antenna is a compromise compared to a pair
of circular polarized yagis; however, I am looking for a less expensive
alternative for a basic 2M/70CM base set-up. My only experience with the
satellites has been with handheld/portable radios (FT-60R and FT-817ND) and
the Arrow and ELK handheld antennas.  My guess is that the Gulf Alpha dual
band satellite antenna (installed above obstructions and with an AZ rotator
/ low loss feed lines / and a 70CM mast mounted pre-amp) would be comparable
if not considerably better than the handheld Arrow/ELK for FM work on AO-51
and SO-51 (for passes at or below 40 degrees max elevation) but I would also
like to work some of the linear sats on SSB/CW and I don't know if the
antenna would meet that need. (I already have a 2Meter all mode in addition
to the FT-817 as well as a refurbished CD-44 rotor.)  If this antenna would
support reliable CW/SSB contacts on the linear satellites, it would be a
good fit.  I would install the antenna at approximately 25 feet in height,
leave it fixed at 15 degs elevation using the supplied mast mount, and
rotate it with a CD-44 rotator.  I plan on using LMR-600 coax for the 432
run and LMR-400U for the 2 meter run (Total length for each run about 30 -
40 feet).  I would also use an AR2 mast mounted 432 preamp and Polyphasers
at the shack entry with appropriate jumpers (best loss specs vs. needed
flexibility) from the Polyphasers to the radios.  Radios would be a Yaesu
FT-290R MKII (2 MTR All-Mode) and a Yaesu FT-817ND for 432.  I'm looking for
someone with experience using the Gulf Alpha to let me know their opinion of
how well the antenna might play given my anticipated installation specifics.


Thanks for your help!





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