[amsat-bb] Re: SOLVED! RE: Re: Another newbie question

Mark Lunday, WD4ELG mlunday at nc.rr.com
Sun Dec 21 11:27:05 PST 2008

Tim, Ed

In my case, I am not as practiced with hardware as I should be.  I do a lot
more wire antenna work where it does not require delicacy...I am clumsy with
huge hands and bad near-vision (in the Far Side cartoons, they call it
"mechanically DE-clined.").  I should be more comfortable, as part of the
Radio Amateur's creed and as an Amateur Extra since 1990, but focus on work
with travel 46 weeks a year has deteriorated my hardware skills.  That added
to my impatience is a sort of handicap of sorts.  Although it sure was
thrilling to get that preamp working late last nigh!

For sure, I have found that some sort of operator error or simple
explanation is the culprit...both with the radios and at work with computer

Mark Lunday
wd4elg at arrl.net

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