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Amen, brother.

Something occurred to me earlier today in thinking about this ongoing discussion that includes a few different threads.

Given all the information I can find about the nominal transmitter powers of the satellites I have worked [AO-7, AO-16, AO-27 (currently inactive), AO-51, FO-29, SO-50 and VO-52], at least half of every satellite contact I've made has been QRP - the half coming this way from space. Most of mine - but not all - have been 2-way QRP.

73, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all,

Tim - N3TL

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ERP is not QRP . . . . . . I never saw anything in FCC exams about QRP or 
> ERP but it has been a long time for me since I was last examined . . . 
> folks are confusing ERP and QRP . . . 5 watts out QRP driving an amp . . . get real . . . it is 5 watts out of the final stage feeding the antenna . . . the gain of the antenna does not have anything to do with QRP it has to do with ERP . . . one is apples and the other is oranges . . . the original issue arose out of someone feeling that folks using the AO 51 QRP channel were not using QRP . . . well I use 5 watts on the QRP channel but I only have fairly big yagis for satellites . . . If the goal is to have HT users with compromised antennas use the "QRP" channel then drop the QRP designation and ask the users to keep the power to 5 watts out from the final stage of the transmitter and then WHAT ? ? ? 5 watts many can compute but that is it . . . ERP is guess work by most . . 
> . that is my point . . . seems senseless to me but surprising the responses . . 
> . ERP is not QRP different concepts . . . apples and oranges . . . . 
> Jim W9VNE 
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