[amsat-bb] QRP ????

Jack K. kd1pe.1 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 13:45:27 PST 2008

I have been Reading the various comments regarding what is or is not QRP... The various contests have all taken the easy way out - that is with a transmitter output power level - but to my way of thinking it is only the easy way out as the antenna, the coax, and the ability to direct or condense the signal are equally - if not more so - of importance. 

since the FCC has no problem with specifying ERP (Effective Radiated Power as compared to a specified antenna) for some modes/bands, I see no reason why that would not be the criteria for determining what is and what is not QRP... After all the real goal as I understand it is to level the playing field and the ERP rule would certainly do that.

So if you want to QRP (using the 5 watts criteria), then do so, but don't brag to me when your ERP is really 125 watts because of your antennas gain and your ability to place your signal on target and keep it there... It would seem to me that is not in the spirit of the game either...

DE Jack - KD1PE

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