[amsat-bb] Re: very light traffic on AO-51 this morning

Mark Lunday, WD4ELG mlunday at nc.rr.com
Tue Dec 16 07:09:53 PST 2008

Curt, maybe that tells a big story...everybody was on the non-QRP channel!
I think this may be symptomatic of a problem with the approach by a select
few to AMSAT

"Fire up that amplifier.  Let that baby hum, the loudest and the firstest is
the bestest."

Personally, with only 5 watts at my disposal, I wish the QRP channel was
always on.

*Sorry, too much coffee this morning has made me very feisty*

Mark Lunday
wd4elg at arrl.net

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Was it just me or was there only a couple of stations heard on AO-51 B 
channel (QRP) on the 12:40 UTC pass this morning over NA?


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