[amsat-bb] HEO launch possible???

Luc Leblanc lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Tue Dec 16 02:41:47 PST 2008

Hi satellite fans

Just came out of a bad dream tonight after reading this Ariane 5 announcement?

"The 186th Ariane mission will launch two communications satellites, primarily
intended for direct TV broadcast services and data networks: HOT BIRDTM 9 and W2M,
both for Eutelsat.

This will be the 42nd Ariane 5 launch.

The launcher will be carrying a total payload of 9,220 kg, including 8,340 kg for the
two satellites, which will be released separately into their targeted orbits."

Just note The 9220Kg payload and theses Ariane 5 figures

LEO Payload* (28.5 deg., 550 km) 	GTO Payload* (7 deg. inclination)
39,600 lb 18,000 kg                             (single / dual manifest) 15,000 lb / 13,160 lb 6,800 kg / 5,970 kg

Core + 2 SRB + Aestus Second Stage

Launch Mass
1,570,000 lb
710,000 kg

Estimated Launch Price US $120 M

* Performance provided by Arianespace.

There is room for a 150kg amateur HEO satellite and at an US$169 per kilo a 150Kg mass should cost US $25350!!!

I'm not too quick in calculus but how the +_ millions USD P3E and EAGLE launch cost came from? integration work? shipping and handling?

I know that at the top of a Ponzi pyramid numbers added very fast but even with the worst case scenario there is something who's not added
up correctly here?

The killing question is: Is the actual P3E and EAGLE launch issues are really a financial matter? and those very high HEO launch cost
estimates are hiding something else?

If you want to see where i got theses figures go to:



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