[amsat-bb] 9K6 with ICOM 7000 and KPC9612+

AC7YY - Kim ac7yy at comcast.net
Mon Dec 15 09:41:18 PST 2008

Is anyone using the IC-7000 and a KPC9612+ for 9.6k? I could sure use
help in transmit settings. It receives good and keys the radio via port
2 on the tnc. The XMITLVL setting are currently at: XMITLVL 100/45. I
have jumper J-20 in the default 'ON' position. CD is set at CD
SOFTWARE/INTERNAL. I had to change from the default INTERNAL to SOFTWARE
on port 1, but port 2 does not need to be to receive? I am wired using
the six pin DIN on the back of the radio.

It works fine on port 1 (1.2k) with the 100 setting. I have tried port 2
settings from 1-65 with no luck. 9.6 packets are not being decoded. I
don't have access to a service monitor. If someone could point out where
I am messing up it would be appreciated.

kim - ac7yy

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