[amsat-bb] ISS: new gear up there ?

Henk, PA3GUO hamoen at iae.nl
Sun Dec 14 13:44:54 PST 2008

Quote (www.AMSAT.org):
"December 28-January 3 -  we plan to reconfigure the Crossband repeater for a special experiment. This will be a test
of our L-Band uplink capability, which, to date, has not been proven out. Plan for an uplink of 1269.65 MHz and and
downlink on the standard frequency 145.80 MHz using low power. Given the subtantial cable losses of the L-band system,
we hope some "big guns" are able to penetrate through, keep up with doppler, and make the connection."

Well, this started to make me wonder:
- The D700 does not have 23cm, so there is a new transceiver onboard ?
- Is this new trx made already in use the past days, with all the
  new modes and mixes of freq/pairs ?

I am very excited about all the experiments clearly going on in the ISS !
More then ever I am looking forward to my upcoming 2 weeks holidays !!!

Henk, PA3GUO
(will tomorrow continue to Igate 9k6 traffic for those that want to experiment)

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