[amsat-bb] The Golden Era of Digital Satellites

nader omer st2nh at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 13 14:22:25 PST 2008

I keep reading these inspiration topics from time to time 
 (The Road Less Traveled) and ( How Low Can You Go) by
Steve Ford, WB8IMY April 1996 QST. 
both reprint on SATELLITE ANTHOLOGY book from ARRL. 
Thank you Steve. 
Sadly no bird now works on 1k2 baud (store and forward) 
Just think of series of Cube digital sat to be build by AMSAT orgs 
The cost =for sure less than all eggs in one basket satellite 
The joy = for sure every one will be happy and busy, many Will cut out the DSL line from their shack  
Benefit = our own satellite net. 
Way we keep complaining  from universities cube sat as long we can build our own  
cube satellites?
pre-sleep dream de st2nh 


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