[amsat-bb] Re: ISS 9K6 with ICOM 910

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Sat Dec 13 08:04:30 PST 2008

A plain mobile FM rig probably will NOT work for 9k6...  you need 
unprocessed (no de-emphasis) discriminator output to your sound card for 
receive, and direct (no pre-emphasis) FM modulation for TX.  Any 
pre-emphasis/de-emphasis cuts off the high audio frequencies necessary for 
9k6, as will the hysteresis of any isolation transformers in your interface.

The 910H, and any other "9600-ready" rig with a data jack that provides 
those 2 connections directly to your soundcard, will work.

George, KA3HSW

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> Hi Alan:
> Yep..I do alot of digital site recording of classical music using
> off-board A/D boxes.  I can tell you that, even great laptops have
> really BAD sound handling ability.  The stock AC97 system can be very
> noisy and I'm sure that would play havoc with 9K6.  An option for
> getting the sound card to work is to let 2 computers talk to one another
> via their sound cards.  I did this early on learning the 1200 baud
> system and it at least verifies most of the system without using up
> prime "pass" time.
> You at least have the data ports on your radio--mine are just plain old
> mobil FM rigs so they might never work.
> Thanks
> Curt

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