[amsat-bb] SSET via ISS (in 9k6): lot of fun to experiment !

Henk, PA3GUO hamoen at iae.nl
Sat Dec 13 03:54:36 PST 2008

SSET experiments - lot of fun with 9k6 APRS !

I have always seen APRS via satellites as a great way
handle communication during emergency situation:

- no 'what did you say, can please please repeat ? (digital comms)
- no 'did I copy xyz correctly (no need to confirm the data)
- no need to write down a message and then type it into email
  (all doen automatically)
- not a single receiver but many (in the footprint of the satellite)
- not only in the footprint, but via findu world-wide. live.
- very efficient, if saying "we are all doing fine in xxx, no need for help"
  would take 10 seconds in SSB (voice), APRS can do this in <2 seconds.

And now it can be done even faster:
With ISS in 9k6 mode this is a good opportunity to test your station & skills:
* set up your radio & antenna
* connect any TNC and monitor 145.825 MHz
* set your SW to autoforward what you hear to the internet (Igate)
... and test if you could send a Simulated Satellite Emergence Message yourself !

145.825 (up & downlink)

HBAUD 9600

type for example
:ALL          :dummy text
>> this will send 'dummy text' to ISS, and this will be on www.ariss.net within seconds !

type for example
:EMAIL        :pa3guo at amsat.org SSET via ISS, 9k6 experimental transmission
>> this will send 'SSET via ISS, 9k6 experimental transmission' as normal
   email to pa3guo at amsat.org, within ~10 seonds seconds

you will see many others these days experimenting, confirm their success:

00:01:41:35 : PA3GUO-8]APRS,RS0ISS-5*,qAS,PA3GUO::ALL :Experimental Radio Communication via ISS: 9k6 Packet Radio
00:01:43:43 : PA3GUO-8]APRS,RS0ISS-5*,qAS,PA3GUO::EMAIL :pa3guo at amsat.org SSET via ISS, 9k6 experimental transmission

My setup:
Kenwood TS2000 with its internal TNC running at 1200 baud
+ a PK96 cheap old TNC, externally at 9600 baud.
Both TNC's via ALoger IGating to the internet.
Single radio, dual communication channel.

Have fun - share your results via the amsat-bb !

Henk, PA3GUO

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