[amsat-bb] AMSAT-BB Azimuth predictions true or magnetic north

Call Sign ki6rrq at cox.net
Wed Dec 10 13:33:54 PST 2008

I have asked so many Hams, a few pilots and mariners, here locally and none 
of them know the answer to my question, I know this body will have it;

First off, I know that the difference between magnetic north and true north 
is not that much and is not affecting my success on my hand held Arrow II 
antenna that much, as it probably has the least amount of directivity that a 
beam antenna can have.   However, I have been using a compass, therefore 
using magnetic north and in the interest of better understanding what I am 
doing, I just want to know, for sure.

So......... when we get these azimuth degrees in the pass prediction charts, 
saying where we will acquire the signal, its high point and the loss of the 
signal; do these degrees relate to magnetic or true north?   Second part, 
are there any reporting birds that differ in which of those two, that are 
being used and is the answer the same for the International Space Station? 
Thanks in advance for your response!


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