[amsat-bb] Re: AO-51

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Tue Dec 9 19:32:27 PST 2008

KO4MA sez:
> Notice the Doppler curve is different between the three on the right.

As I see it, the one in the center of those three ( (435.881) indicated as
almost exactly in position to translate via AO-51 to the 145.92 downlink..)
is already more like ~2 min past TCA (at the base line).

I would expect anything coming out of FO-29's transponder to show the
same dopppler rate as the other signals, say the beacon at 435.795 ...

Unless it was going thru yet another satellite first ..!..
Or possibly not going thru FO-29 at all, but heard direct from a 2nd bird.
SO-50 was just ahead of AO-29 on that pass.  Hummm...

Even tho the AO-51 uplink has already been changed,
I may try and grab a waterfall tonite centered on 435.850 ...
Just to see if there are two different doppler rates again.
 Very Interesting . . .
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