[amsat-bb] Newbie question about mounting Lindy's above HF Hex Beam

Gordon Bousman nw7d.ham at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 19:49:33 PST 2008

I'm beginning the construction of the 2 Meter and 70 cm EZ-Lindy antennas to
get myself launched into working satellites.  I'd like to mount them 3' to
5' above my HF Hex-beam in order to get them as high as possible (other
mounting options such as a tripod & short mast on top of my garage do not
get the Lindy's as high).  I will mount the ICom 2 Meter & 70 cm pre-amps on
the Lindy's as well.  Does anyone see that exposing the pre-amps (or my new
910H) with as much 300-400 watts of near-field HF would be detrimental?
Normally I would not operate HF and SAT at the same time however the 910H
might be turned on and in receive mode during HF transmissions.  Any
thoughts about the wisdom (or not) of this proposed Lindy mounting?

Thanks, Gordon, NW7D

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