[amsat-bb] Re: D-STAR repeater problems in Copenhagen

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Mon Dec 8 11:15:44 PST 2008

OZ1MY wrote:
> Hi all,
> During December and during the last large activity on 
> the ISS, some of us here in Copenhagen have had problems 
> with a D-STAR repeater on 145.7875 MHz.
> Do any of you have a measurement of the spectrum of 
> the D-STAR transmissions ?
> The theoretic spectrum should be more than 60 dB down
> on 145.800 MHz,but that does not seem to be the case.
> Including doppler the downlink from ISS is 145.796 MHz, when 
> it is going away from us to the East, which is the direction
> of the repeater :-(
> Personally I am just 6 km away from the repeater with 
> no obstructions on the pass from it.
> To avoid flames - no I have nothing against D-STAR :-)
> 73 OZ1MY
> Ib

The Utah VHF group seems to have done the most (published) scientific 


Nate WY0X

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