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Thanks. So annealing is the must. What did you use to heat it up? I'll be 
using #8 wire. Did you have to use a bender of any type or just pliers?

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>>I saw your posting on AMSAT-BB about building a quadfilar. I have those 
>>files and have been experimenting with various omnis for SAT work. So far 
>>diploes, verticals, turnstiles, and a moxon. The quadfilar was next on my 
>>list. I even scored some copper clad coax for the task. For 70 cm it seems 
>>pretty tough to do the bending and get it right. May I ask how you did 
>>that (a tubing bender, pliers, other) and if you heated the copper wire 
>>first like they suggest.
> Anneal the copper tubing for the three copper tubing filars, and it is 
> very easy to shape, simply mark the dimensions on the tubing, and bend 
> away...the length is much more important than the diameter of the bends.
> And make good solder joints...heat proof dialectric on the coax one,. of 
> course....teflon, and there are some others...
>               Pulling for P3E... 

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