[amsat-bb] Amsat-BB Elliptical Orbit Satellites & the ISS

ki6rrq ki6rrq at cox.net
Sat Dec 6 22:03:24 PST 2008

I'm a fairly new ham and been working AO-51 and the ISS, so far.    Can
anyone tell me which (if any) satellites, that we can work, have elliptical
orbits that would give us prolonged passes for longer talk times?  
Lastly, I can hear lots of traffic on the ISS cross band but my 5 watt HT
cant seem to compete.  I have not been able to get a QSO on the ISS, in a
dozen attempts.  (Arrow antenna, got a bunch of SSTV pics from Richard
Garriott but no voice)   So I hope someone can respond to my call on the
pass that begins about 2:01 UTC over Southern California, father away the
better.  (DM-13)   Thanks!
Rich KI6RRQ 

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