[amsat-bb] Re: K5OE antenna projects

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Sat Dec 6 19:30:22 PST 2008

>> the Texas Eggbeater II....
>> Even without a preamp, these are good
>> enough for most LEO satellites.
> I am very inerested in performance reports from omni leo antennas,
> so could you clarify "good enough" for us?

Good question Bob . . I suspected someone would call me on that .. /;^)

I have had these a little over a year now, but have not been following
the satellites as much as I'd like to. I have little to compare with,
as my last major satellite Ops were AO-13, with multi cross-yagi . . .
Now with no steering and less than 30 watts, I'm pleasantly surprised.

With no outside antennae I was not expecting much, and built these for
versatility (specifically for the attic). I was impressed tho, and have
made contacts via VO-52, FO-29, AO-7 (only tried a few FM, too crowded).
Initially I used preamps, as I have 60 feet of 9913. After Field Day
I did not re-installed the preamps, and still do quite well. My Hustler
co-linear vertical is better on the horizon of course, but these two
perform better at mid to higher elevation - less fading than I expected.
I do get some pretty deep fades on overhead passes tho.

With the linear birds, the noise floor is low enough, I usually hear
myself well. I can't compete for the FM capture in the flying repeaters,
but have been doing APRS easily via ISS when it is active.

I guess for me 'good enough' has meant that I'm encouraged enough to
continue working with these rather than trying to come up with something
better (for omni attic antennae). Someday soon I hope to get moved and get
my tower re-planted... (probably will keep these for 'attic-work' tho)

Perhaps in the mean time I can come up with some more meaningful methods
to measure the EggbeaterII performance. I guess monitoring a return-link
beacon is about the only way to interpret just one antenna at a time.
Any suggestions or recommendations welcome.

  Thanks  /;^)
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