[amsat-bb] Re: Nothing heard from NO-44 (PCSat-1) Dec 6 23:27 UTC pass

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Dec 6 17:59:08 PST 2008

> I heard absolutely no packets from NO-44...

Day or night?  PCSAT is always dead in the dark.

BUT will return to full service in about 3 days when it returns to full sun.  And it should be a fun time, if ISS is also doing APRS packets at the same time on the same freq while both support the same ARISS digi callsign.  That will be 12 passes per day per location for making contacts on 145.825!

If you are an old packet-pounder, get out that old TNC and make some contacts.  (NOT CONNECTIONS)  Communicate in UI CONVERSE mode only.  People with APRS radios (D7, D700, D710 and the new VX-8R) are ready to go.

I request that users do NOT use PCSAT over the next few weeks via its default W3ADO-1 callsign because that means it is not fully restored.  When it is ready for user load, the callsign will be changed to PCSAT-1 and the usual generic APRS digipeating callsigns will be activated:


Since it can support additinoal ones, the future callsigns of APRSAT and SATn-N will also be supported, but until there are more APRSat's or SATn-N digipeaters in space, its a moot point.

If you ever see the callsign NODIGI, this means we have turned off the digi completely while allowing for the batteries to get fully charged.  All it takes is one full orbit in the sun to be restorable, and then a few orbits before we will turn it over to users.

Going green. 
PCSAT-1 is 100% solar powerd!
Bob, Wb4APR

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