[amsat-bb] Remembering . . .

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Fri Dec 5 07:17:18 PST 2008

In some vanilla folder in an overcrowded file drawer is my OscarLocator,
with several pages of EQX tables for Oscars 6 & 7 . . .

We sure do appreciate ya Tom,   Mr."Why waste all this space"..!..
And Phil, Ralph, Jan, Perry, and untold dozens of others . . .
Where would we be now otherwise ... ... ...

Hopefully some of the new SatOps can read enough of these old scans to
pick up on the passion of the past and help carry us on into the future.
We gotta keep this dream alive. All the easy stuff has been done, now
the real work begins - creating the future. Step up to the plate folks !

  Thanks AMSAT   /;^)
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