[amsat-bb] newbie

Tim Goodrich tim at timgoodrich.net
Wed Dec 3 23:36:13 PST 2008

Hi all,


I'm Tim, KC2DDS, operating from Torrance, CA (Los Angeles area, DM03).
Although I've had my license since I was 17 (1997), I'm just now getting
back into things and especially satellites. My absence from AR probably has
something to do with needing a break after 4 years of active duty in the Air
Force where I maintained and operated the 27 radios aboard the E-3 AWACS J
(making contacts on SATCOM systems is much easier using military equipment
on dedicated frequencies and geosynchronous satellites than it is using a 5w
HT and a handheld antenna on a hamsat!)


Here's the chronology of the last week, which may sound familiar to some:

Last Friday: Built a UHF Yagi which enabled me to hear signals

Saturday: Listening wasn't enough, so I went to HRO and bought an Arrow dual
band antenna so I could transmit

Sunday and Monday: Made my first contacts


Anyway, I just wanted to write to introduce myself. Hope to make contact
with you all eventually. 




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