[amsat-bb] Pico transponder

Tue Dec 2 15:53:58 PST 2008

This is wonderful! Can you share complete specs with the AMSAT-BB? How do you think the multi carrier IMD performance will be? W

Will kits or assembled boards be available? Cost? 

I can see a lot of applications!

Imagine if we could convince all the hams who are private pilots to have one of these installed onboard their private planes? Can it accept a coherent reference oscillator from GPS?

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Just got one of my latest transponder designs out of the prototype status and into final status.
I made a small presentation in video format. 
I'm new to the video world so I'm sorry for the shacky picture and low resolution... I'm trying to get that better next time.

Its a small video clip for an even smaller radio...


73 de PE1RAH, William Leijenaar

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