[amsat-bb] Re: getting predict compiled (under osx 10.4)

laura halliday marsgal42 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 2 08:56:32 PST 2008

FWIW, I compiled predict last night under Leopard (OSX 10.5)
on my vanilla Core 2 iMac without difficulty. I have the usual
developer stuff that comes with the OS, plus the iPhone SDK
and all the goodies that go with it.

I deleted the include of sys/soundcard.h in installer.c, which
produced a message about it being a bummer that I didn't
have a sound card. Everything else worked, and it ran and
generated predictions without comment. No issues with
ftime(), no need to specify any additional libraries. I didn't
try any of the support utilities.

The GNU-ish way to make programs and their compilation
portable is automake and autoconf.

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