[amsat-bb] Re: MMIC for LEO preamp?

Curt Nixon cptcurt at flash.net
Tue Dec 2 06:44:31 PST 2008

Good Morning Domenico:

In step 7 you wrote:

7)Without moving the audio and RF setting of the receiver start to play
    tuning and adjusting everything is possible in your preamplifier i.e.
    capacitors and inductances of the input network as well potentiometers
    to set the active device current until switching the noise source ON and
   OFF the maximum variation on the AC voltmeter is reached  and this
   condition correspond to the lovest possible Noise Figure obtainable

Looking for MAXIMUM variation in noise...is this correct or should it be looking for MINIMUM variation??

Than ks..I'll give it a try.


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