[amsat-bb] apparent beacon on 435.300

Michael Heim kd0ar at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 30 17:25:20 PDT 2008

I've heard a CW beacon a couple of times operating on or around 435.300.  Unfortunately I dont have exact times from my QTH, but I cant find anything in the satellite list on AMSAT's site that has a working beacon on this frequency (or anywhere close).  I heard it about 23:45Z, breaking the squelch (on FM) while waiting for the next AO-51 pass.  This will put it about 10-15 mins before AOS for AO-51 from my QTH in EN90rw.  Pardon me if there is an obvious answer to this, but I'm not familiar with all the ham birds up there yet.

Just trying to figure out what I could be hearing?  This is not the first time I've heard CW on this freq.

 Michael Heim

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