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Tyler J Doering tyler.doering at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 14:47:50 PDT 2008

 Thanks all for the mode meanings.  I guess there was a transition that was
confusing me.  One last question although what about a satellite that is
either duplex or simplex UHF uplink AND downlink or VHF uplink AND downlink?


Tyler, KI4YLJ

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On Thu, August 28, 2008 01:37, Tyler J Doering wrote:
> All:

Hi Tyler,
> Is there somewhere that one can find all the different meanings of all 
> the different modes that the spacecraft transceivers use.  For 
> instance what is Mode A, B, A/B, J and so on?

Try this link: http://www.ham.vgnet.nl/?Satellite:Help

> Thanks
> Tyler, KI4YLJ

Have fun.

73's PE0SAT

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