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> Dear Domenico, I8CVS
> This is a very important and present topic.
> Is one dramatic situation (unconstitutional and illegal) when a «national
> society» from IARU refuses other national and regional or local
> associations, clubs, groups, NGO, leagues or societies to make part of the
> worldwide interests of the culture of science and technology via the open
> spirit of the HAM's all over the world. In fact, this is the present
> situation of the Portuguese representative IARU society.

> Mariano Goncalves, CT1XI
> Past president (1998 to 2001) of REP the Portuguese member of IARU
> President of the board of AMRAD (NGO) and AMSAT-CT

Hi Mariano, CT1XI

In Italy ARI is the IARU Region-1 member society representing radioamateurs
and all members of ARI are obliged to follow the IARU bylaw.

If I agree to be a member of ARI and to follow the IARU bylaw then there is
no need to create another national or regional association with a different

If a group don't agree to follow the IARU bylaw then another national
association is created mainly with the purpose to do everyting into the
amateur bands particularly disregarding the IARU bandplan creating caos
without to receive any penalty because this is the point the National
Communication Autority do not manage the amateur operating modes
inside the borders of the officially allowed Amateur Bands.

It follows that an ARI member cannot ask protection to the National
Communication Autority let say in the case a national association not
recognising IARU put a FM repeater into the middle af a satellite downlink
a very common and daily story here.

This situation creates frustration to the ARI members following the IARU
rules and since they cannot be protected by the National Communication
Autority they are inclined to abandone ARI and IARU

Only if ITU the International Telecommunication Union will recognize that
the bylaw of IARU must be followed by all IARU and non IARU associations
then the actual caos will stop and IARU to survive must work to get this

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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