[amsat-bb] IARU representation in European Union

AMRAD amrad at sapo.pt
Sun Aug 24 05:58:52 PDT 2008

Point of view concerning effective representation of radio amateurs

all over the world,

In the XXI century the IARU needs to modernize their rules and Constitution 
and the old resolution 93-3.


1. The constitutional obligation of all IARU member Societies is represent 
adequately the interests of radio amateurs throughout their country and 
autonomous or separate territory.

2. Is an imperative for the XXI century, the modernization of this concept 
of «national society» and change to other Constitution of national 
federations or national confederations, to include all the national, 
regional and local associations, NGO, leagues, groups, gangs or clubs.

3. That in some democratic countries, like in European Union, the National 
Constitution of each state assumes the non-obligation to participate in 
associative movements and the freedom of choice to affiliate in any 
national, regional or local association. In freedom countries there are 
radio amateurs who are members of other national associations and 
non-governmental and non-lucrative organizations that works for education 
and development of science and technology trough the Amateur Service and 
Amateur Satellite Service, with other goals non-sportive like the DX and 
contests on short-wave bands.

4. Because in European Union and other freedom countries there are radio 
amateurs who are members of other organizations, in general, the present 
IARU «national societies» represents only a minority between 10 to 35% of 
all this national amateur radio cultural movements actives in each country.

5. IARU in Region 1 is to be missing representation and financial resources 
since 1980.

6. IARU in the future to promote and defend all the interests of radio 
amateurs throughout the world at international telecommunications 
conferences it is necessary for the IARU to speak on behalf of all worldwide 
radio amateurs, needs change the Constitution, to include non the old 
concept of «national society» but the new national federations or 
confederations, democratic representatives of large associative national 
movements of amateur radios.

7. Because is very important to the future of education and development, of 
culture of science and technological trough the Amateur Radio and Amateur 
Satellite Service have in all the World a common voice speaking on behalf of 
radio amateurs to each administration.


Since the old IARU resolution number 93 from 1993 (at 15 years ago) in 
European Union and all over the world, the «national societies» of IARU not 
draw the attention of the regional and local organizations to the fact that 
for member Societies to meet their constitutional obligations (and rights) 
they should pass to such other national organizations and entities all the 
adequate information and duty of participation as to the actions of the 
IARU, and encourage such of this national and local organizations to respond 
to them in respect of worldwide Amateur Radio and IARU matters, for this 
motive of exclusion, imposed by the «national societies» all the regional 
and local associations to come short from the IARU, not contribute in equal 
duty and obligations to the development of the Amateur Radio and Amateur 
Satellite Service.

IARU needs are integrated inside the others national, regional and local 
organizations to take such action in respect thereof as is appropriate and 
an important step for the freedom and democracy.

A point of view, by AMRAD (AMSAT-CT)


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