[amsat-bb] Re: Compass over ZL

Alan Cresswell alancresswell at xtra.co.nz
Thu Aug 21 14:54:58 PDT 2008

Hi Mike and Robert,

All commands sent and accepted at 2102 UT.
A test beacon was received 5min and 40 seconds after the test beacon
A normal beacon began 3min and 40 seconds later but unfortunately Compass
was at zero deg elevation when the beacon began. I have a -1 deg horizon in
this direction so managed to get part of the frame as follows:
FF18090011710020........(LOS).  The 11 in the middle was very noisy but
almost certain they are OK (Definitely 1 or 0) and just managed to confirm
that the heater was off before it went into the noise!

At least the system is up and running - good signal strength from the test


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From: Robert Smith [mailto:dukenuke at pixi.com] 
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To: Alan Cresswell
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Aloha Alan

Compass will be over Hawaii within the 
hour. I will send the heater off command 
****14#200# and more importantly,  listen
for any beacon. As she leaves me she
will be over u. With sunlight and all, between
the two of us you would think we could
catch a beacon. Keeping my fingers crossed
for around 2048Z.

robert NH7WN
in Honolulu

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