[amsat-bb] Re: AO-51 V/S Mode Ops, Some Observations

Simon (HB9DRV) simon at hb9drv.ch
Thu Aug 21 12:07:23 PDT 2008

We're probably looking at Saturday or Sunday for a technology preview.

Currently I'm adding dual radio support - radio 1 used for RX, radio 2 used 
for TX. For example 2 x FT-857 or whatever you have in the shack.

Next week is 'add all rotators' week.

This evening - two episodes of Dr. House on Swiss TV :-)

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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From: "Alan P. Biddle" <APBIDDLE at UNITED.NET>

> The current version of HRD has a buggy Doppler correction, and mode-S is 
> so
> extreme it will show up there.  However, Simon is doing a full rewrite of
> the satellite function, and it should be out for testing any day now. 

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