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> Hi,


> I realized what might be the error and checked it by sending my 14 year
> old son Cameron (2E0BAU) out on a 10 mile bicycle ride with a Yaseu VX2r
> handheld and a small yagi (similar to arrow). having got to a nice high
> spot, he pointed the yagi in my direction, he then spun the yagi slowly in
> a RHCP everything was fine (around 0.1watt output from VX2r) but when he
> spun the yagi in the wrong sense he was a very poor signal.

Hi Gus, M0IKB

When Cameron spun the linear yagi slowly in a RHCP and in a LHCP direction
he is not generating a RHCP or a LHCP wave but the wave is still linearly
polarized on several diffent angles.

The test that you have made to measure the copolarization of your antenna
make no sense because for 2 meters Cameron should have ben able to spun
the boom of his linear yagi at 145 million revolutions per second by hand
......HI  ! !

Instead Cameron must transmit with a switchable RHCP / LHCP antenna
while you measure the difference of signal strenght RHCP versus LHCP
at your antenna.

The following article explaining the above matter is recommended and is
available in zipped files on request off line to everyone is interested on

"The Advantages of Circular Polarization" by K4KJ  Sept-12-1975  ARRL
Technical Symposium, Reston Virginia

> regards
> Gus M0IKB
Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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