[amsat-bb] Re: LMR400 or 400UF? (Thanks and further comments)

Michael Tondee mat_62 at netcommander.com
Tue Aug 19 16:23:09 PDT 2008

I think I sent this to Sebastian when I in fact meant to send it to the 
whole BBS. My aplogies if it's a duplicate post.
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> First of all, thanks to everyone who responded to my query about coax. I 
> know sometimes we may get in disagreements on this BBS but when I have a 
> technical question I'm not sure of, I count on advice from here and I'm 
> not ever dissapointed.
> The existing coax feeding the antenna is 9913 and as we all know, it has 
> problems. It was all I had though at the time I was constructing my 
> station. I am more than certain now though that it has moisture in it and 
> is causing Rx and TX problems.
> I would say that the run from the preamp to the antenna is 6 to 8 feet of 
> coax and right now that's RG8U. I was thinking that loss was negligible 
> but I guess every little bit of signal I can squeeze out there is 
> important. There is also about a 5 foot run of RG8U in the shack that goes 
> between the back of the rig and a "disconnect" point I have that I can 
> easily reach. I'm thinking that this piece won't cause much of a problem.
> So what I'm getting from everyone is to go with a section of 400UF between 
> the antenna and the preamp and the just the regular 400 down into the 
> shack.
> I think that should certainly be better than what I have now anyway. Any 
> further comments?
> Tnx and 73,
> Michael

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