[amsat-bb] COMPASS recovery efforts :-)

Mike Rupprecht mail at mike-rupprecht.de
Mon Aug 18 01:55:52 PDT 2008

Hi all,


good news !  Tetsu (JA0CAW) heard the beacon at 00:23 UTC over Japan !


A great thank especially to Alan (ZL2BX) who switched the heater
successfully off for 3 times (at 1946, 2124 and 2302 UTC),  Sion (9W2QC and
Bob (W1ICW).

And of course to all who tried her best - thanks for your time and support.


This is a good sign, that the batteries will be charged. Please continue to
send the 4 commands to COMPASS whenever you hear the beacon or COMPASS is in
full sunlight.


Let's hope the recovery efforts are a success!









Dear Mike


The mail that I sent Compass Team is sent. 









Dear Kevin 


COMPASS-Beacon Report


I heard the Compass Beacon what Beacon might. 

I slowed the preparation for the recording, and was able to record 
only by the last two frames. 

However, the conviction is not popular whether this is Compass Beacon.. 

Please hear the recording. 


Received time:UTC 00:23




 UTC Aos 00:14 ELMax(46.0) 00:21 Los 00:27


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