[amsat-bb] COMPASS-1 needs your help

Mike Rupprecht mail at mike-rupprecht.de
Sat Aug 16 06:54:43 PDT 2008

Hi all,

The recent events are dramatically. Our two ground stations are almost

A few days ago however, a hard-reset of the satellite had occurred, which
brought the satellite back into the following vicious circle: Once the
heater is being switched on, the battery power drops drastically, which
causes another hard-reset. This goes on and on. The only chance to recover
the satellite is to avoid the activation of the heater. This can be done by
adjusting threshold values. 

Since these values are reset after each hard-reset, we would need to send
them again and again, until the satellite is in a stable condition
(batteries charging), where no reset occurs.

Thus, if you would like to support this recovery phase and have the right
equipment to do so, please upload the following DTMF tones to COMPASS-1
(simply from loudspeaker via microphone)

THRESHOLD ADJUSTMENT (to do after every hard reset) 

****14#200#                  heater off to -55 degr                    THIS

****13#200#                  heater on to -55 degr
****16#170#                  critical batt threshold to 3.3V 
****15#255#                  low batt threshold to max -> charge batteries

The commands consist of 4 stars, two numbers, a hash, 3 numbers, and a hash.

If COMPASS receive this sequence successfully you can hear a short
confirmation beep.


There is an good and free DTMF dialer to download here:


Uplink:         145.980 MHz FM

Downlink:   437.275 MHz CW


If you have any questions, please ask me. Thank you very much in advance !!!

We appreciate your support!!  On behalf the COMPASS-team

73, Mike DK3WN

For more information see : http://www.raumfahrt.fh-aachen.de/news.htm





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