[amsat-bb] Re: identify this? (Compass vs Cute)

Henk, PA3GUO hamoen at iae.nl
Fri Aug 15 23:08:46 PDT 2008

Hi Bob !

That is Cute-1.7 + APD II.

More information on that satellite:

Both Compass and Cute share the same frequency (437.275MHz)
Due to doppler you hear they sometimes both.

Compass CW tones sound a bit distorted, I wouldn't know how to
express that in English, once you heared both you'll remember.

This is how Compass sounds like (recorded 1 day after launch):

This is Cute:

Thanks for help monitoring Compass !
Henk, PA3GUO

> I was trying to copy the Compass-1 CW beacon tonight. About halfway
through the pass, I started copying CW about 5 kHz above where I
expected Compass-1 to be. It kept repeating "CUTE" and 2-number groups..
it's far off any of the published frequencies of any of the CO- birds..
anybody have any idea what I have copied?
I have the telemetry copied if anyone wants it, too much to write out
right now...

73 de Bob W1ICW

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