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> Hi,
> I was following a 15:46 pass today in NY of FO-29, all my past
> experience's have been with the FM birds.  I am using SatPC32 and LVB
> tracker, the program went into "Flip" mode at AOS, setting the elevation
> 180 degrees.  FO-29 passed overhead and I did not hear it, did I miss
> something in the setup?  Thank you.
> 73,
> Pete, WB2OQQ
Hi Pete, WB2OQQ

FO-29 was active in all the available Northbound and Southbound orbits to
day here over Europe.
Even during the Southbound orbits in the night when FO-29 is in ECL signals
from the transponder where very strong when I was in QSO with SV1BSX

In order to verify if your receiving system has the needed sensitivity in 70
cm I suggest you to switch your receiver in USB Mode and tune the CW
telemetry beacon at 435.795 MHz +/- Doppler

If your receiving system has the right sensitivity you must receive the
telemetry beacon constantly from the AOS to LOS without problems.

When FO-29 is orbiting over EU and particularly when the medium EST and
Africa are into the footprint the transponder is so sensitive to translate
many FM intuders talking into the 2 meters uplink "jamming" our SSB

By the way the numbar of users of FO-29 is very small because many of them
are using not suitable receiving systems so that is very common to hear
carriers and lots of CW string of points going up and down into the passband
in the attemp to get back their return without success but if you are in
conditions to receive the telemetry beacon all the way then you must be able
to get back your own signal even using a very low EIRP

For the uplink in 2 meters remember to transmit in LSB because the
transponder is "inverting"

I hope this helps

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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