[amsat-bb] SSB Preamp

Peter roi at optonline.net
Fri Aug 15 06:54:30 PDT 2008


"The fault lies in thyself",  was uttered many moons ago but that quote now
applies to me!   In summary I could not get my SSB 70cm preamp to work with
my Icom 910; Jerry of SSB gave me terrific support to try get it working,
and found it hard to believe that the relays engaged and it did not
function.  He said in 15 years not one was DOA, and said the only conclusion
was that it was connected to the wrong antenna.  I did the system checks
that were suggested  by this BB and still no joy.  Convinced that the unit
had a problem I  sent the SSB Preamp back to Larry, no surprise it checked
out fine;  guess what the coax was put to the wrong antenna upon
installation.  I'm the "village idiot"!   I want to thank all those that
responded, this BB is a terrific asset to anyone interested in getting help
with Satellite activity, thank you and my sincere apologies for taking up
the bandwidth an so much of Jerry's valuable time.

Pete, WB2OQQ

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