[amsat-bb] TNC Problem

Gregory Dober gjdober at comcast.net
Wed Aug 13 17:36:20 PDT 2008

Went back to attempting to work digital modes on the birds.  Hooked a new
Timewave 9600 and was able to communicate immediately by hyperterminal.  I
tried a loopback test and couldn't connect to my callsign though the TNC
would light TX.  Went to an APRS program, connected the TNC to my Icom and
was able to copy stations.  When I would transmit, TNC, radio all keyed up
but I heard no packets on another radio.  Just a quick empty carrier.


Borrowed my friends AEA PK 900.same problem.


Never had this problem on past TNC's or laptops.  The only difference is
they all had direct serial connections to the laptop.  The Dell Inspiron is
about 6 months old and uses the serial to usb connections.  I have two
Belkins for the com ports.  Are some serial to usb connections problematic
for the TNC?  This is the only change I can note since I last worked packet.
APRS and digital modes about a year ago on an older computer with a serial


Perplexed as I awaited GO-32.




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