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> And if I may make an even simpler appeal:  I will take any non-FM
> satellite HEO, MEO, or GEO in a time frame that falls within our
> lifetime.  Did I overstate that?

Hi Ed, KL7UW

You don't overstate that because AO40 died on 25 jan 2004 and in more
than 4 + 1/2  years of waiting is now evident that P3-E is actually our only
real gleam of hope even if  in this time of waiting many satellite users
already died because they were relatively old and not in a time frame that
falls within normal lifetime to wait for a non bright satellite future.

> We know that HEO's take lots of time in design, fabrication,
> space-qualification and financing.  Many hams are getting up there in
> years and may not be able to wait another 10-15 years!

Speaking for my self there are two possible outcomes, wait to see if P3-E
will be operational within the fall of 2009 or when VO-52 + FO-29 +
OSCAR-7 will fail decide to completely abandone the satellite activity
removing all satellite antennas from the roof.
For space communication I plan to change again my activity only with
23 cm EME while to start again with the HF to replace worldwide social
Please note that I losted all my HF friends when I decided to dedicate my
activity to satellites beginning with OSCAR-6 in 1972 when the satellite
future was bright and then I losted again all my satellite friends worlwide
as soon AO40 died the beginning of 2004 when the satellite future becomes
to be very dark
> HEO's are great fun and challenge, but a GEO would suffice vs only
> having FM Leos for the next decade.
> If the GEO is more feasible/practical/realistic, bring it on!

I agree with you but any of the  above possibility should already been
discussed and decided when AO40 was alive and well.

> If we can sell one with Emcomm capabilities added to our favorite
> modes, why not?  If we wait on this too long, it will be done by the
> commercial sats so they will not need the ham version.  Only hams
> like stuff that is "hard to use" - real world is interested in
> utility (can you hear me now)

I can hear you strong and clear on that.

> Bottom Line:  "Time waits for nobody"
> P3E -great
> Eagle -wonderful when we can swing it
> P4 on Intelsat - don' t miss this ride

P3-E is actually the only reality and the rest is only on paper.

> I started accumulating "stuff" in 1996 to get on AO-10/13.  1998 got
> my Drake converters for AO-40 and the FT-847.  2000-2008 accumulating
> my stuff for mw's  - is that twelve years?  I will retire in 2011.  I
> hope there is a satellite up there soon!

I started accumulating "stuff" in 1972 for OSCAR-6 and everyting up to 2004
with AO40 was dedicated to a specialized satellite station wich is
difficult to actually convert to VHF/UHF/SHF Tropo or MS or TEP specialized
activities having the same top capabilities designed  for satellite use.
In addition all the above "stuff" requires preventional maintenance waiting
for the future particularly referring to the antennas and everyting is
installed over the roof actually unused and becoming rusty.
I am retired from the job but I am 76 years old and here only God know if I
am in a time frame that falls within my lifetime to see P3-E operational.

Dear Ed I believe that if P3-E will not be operational within the fall of
2009 it is best for you and me to communicate off the moon on 1296 MHz
I did 432 MHz EME between 1977 to 1980 but at that time the satellite
future seems to be very bright with OSCAR-10 OSCAR-13 and AO40
and they were fun until they lasted..........more and more fun than EME.
Apparently things are actually completely changed  but the conversion from
a satellite station to an EME station seems to be more feasible and
convenient than to wait for years and maybe for noting when the moon it
there at no cost.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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