[amsat-bb] Re: Reminder of the AMSAT Mission

Michael Tondee mat_62 at netcommander.com
Tue Aug 12 14:45:20 PDT 2008

Geez! When are you guys going to get the point. There appears to be 
absolutely no way to get a launch without the help of outside funding. Do 
you really think that someone is going to help fund a launch just so you can 
use the satellite for the sole purpose of yakking about whatever strikes 
your fancy at the moment? There is going to have to be some other tangible, 
useful reason for the satellite to be in orbit. Anyway, the fact is that 
emergency communications is a corner stone of the Amateur service in the 
first place.
 The only real problem I have with the mission and vision statements is that 
the vision statement now appears to have a somewhat unrealistic time frame.
I'm sure we should get some answers about that soon.
Michael, W4HIJ
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> Nowhere in there is mention of emergency communication.  Yet it pops up
> again and again on the Eagle and Namaste boards.
> AMSAT should stick to its mission.
> TomB
> Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:
>> Just as a reminder....Drew
>> AMSAT is a non-profit volunteer organization which designs, builds and
>> operates experimental satellites and promotes space education. We work in
>> partnership with government, industry, educational institutions and 
>> fellow
>> amateur radio societies. We encourage technical and scientific 
>> innovation,
>> and promote the training and development of skilled satellite and ground
>> system designers and operators.
>> Our Vision is to deploy high earth orbit satellite systems that offer 
>> daily
>> coverage by 2009 and continuous coverage by 2012. AMSAT will continue 
>> active
>> participation in human space missions and support a stream of LEO 
>> satellites
>> developed in cooperation with the educational community and other amateur
>> satellite groups.

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