[amsat-bb] For Sale "TrakBox" Satellite tracker --- REDUCED Price

Robert Felt robertfelt at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 11 15:11:09 PDT 2008

For Sale  -   REDUCED PRICE -- $100.

"TrakBox" Satellite tracker, antenna rotor controller for stand alone operation. (JARL design, TAPR kit)

The trakbox is a self-contained, stand-alone rotor/radio control for use with your satellite stations. Select the satellite you wish to track from a front panel control and the TrakBox will steer your antennas in both azimuth and elevation to track the selected satellite when it is or above your horizon. In addition, if you have a radio with a computer interface, the TrakBox will tune your transmitter and receiver and correct them for doppler shift. TrakBox is set up to directly interface to Kenpro, Emmoto, and Yaesu dual-axis rotators which include a computer interface. Trakbox includes a serial port to allow you to set the real-time clock (which is battery backed), your station location (latitude, longitude and elevation) and the keplerian elements for the satellites you are interested in (up to 40 satellites may be loaded, and the elements may be uploaded in ASCII in either the AMSAT or NASA formats). A two-line LCD display is updated every second, showing the azimuth and elevation of a satellite, along with the satellite ID and GMT. 

I built this kit from TAPR back in the late 1990's. It provided excellent service. Still works great. 

See Complete description and docs at TAPR web page: http://www.tapr.org/kits_trakbox.html

Now asking only $100. (was $130).  Will take PayPal.

73  --- //Bob//

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