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Yes, you may have heard statements like in the past we've relied on charity, 
and Amateur Radio Operators alone can not fund a launch, what you haven't 
heard are any solutions for launching any HEOs.  It seems that the DL folks 
haven't lost that as a focus, they acknowledge that as expensive as it is to 
launch an HEO, it is still doable. 3 - 4M Euros $4 - 5M at least they gave 
us a tangible figure we can work with.  This amount may be a reach for 
AMSAT-NA alone, but given that we finally understand what it would take to 
make a HEO Launch reality, then why wouldn't we shift ALL funding toward 
that effort?    Following the PE3 launch, if  any surplus remains, the 
surplus could be transferred to the next HEO opportunity (Eagle).  If no 
surplus remains then at least we would have one working HEO deployed.

Additionally, at least we know the PE3 platform is well vetted, and would 
have the lowest risk.  Rather than spending time and resources on a new, 
untested platform why wouldn't we just facilitate PE3 FIRST?

Ok, I'll speech for myself here, but the GEO ride-share simply isn't an 
opportunity that will interest the HEO crowd.  Launching an appliance to 
serve the disaster response community and entry level satellite users won't 
do a thing to satisfy the need for a HEO.  I don't care if it's free, like 
AO51, I would probably get on it, make a couple contacts say "that's nice" 
and be done with it.  Please understand, I'm not saying to abandon GEO as a 
viable option, just don't spend a cent on it until we launch an HEO.

What we need is a satellite that enables the real sprit and intent of the 
Amateur Radio Service, to push the envelop of the technology, allow for 
experimentation, consider all of the alternative antenna solutions that our 
resourceful community developed to receive the 2.4Gig Down Link. No rotator 
required, different feed systems, a fairly modest resource outlay to get on 
the air.  I did it with a totally home brewed system in a restricted 
neighborhood back yard. Had a blast and learned allot.

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> I've been hearing these two statments from AMSAT-NA officals for at least 
> 2
> years -- in person and on this BB.
> 73,
> John
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>> Very nice presentations. One attract my attention was made by Peter
>> Guelzow DB2OS one one of his slide we can read:
>> I don't how to explain how all the wisdom and reality knowledge seems to
>> be concentrated in Europe when speaking about amateur satellite?
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