[amsat-bb] WD9EWK now on VO-52!

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sun Aug 10 20:20:13 PDT 2008

Hi all!

After my success with FO-29 yesterday, I decided I would try
that satellite again and also try VO-52.  Although I was not
successful with my second attempt on FO-29, I was successful 
in making my first 2 QSOs on VO-52.  

VO-52 had a very nice high pass, with maximum elevation of 82 
degrees, at 1734-1747 UTC this morning.  I was ready for that 
with my two FT-817ND transceivers and Arrow Antennas handheld 
2m/70cm Yagi.  Only 5W, and I would adjust my transmit frequency 
with the pinky on my hand with the microphone to keep on/around
my receive frequency.  I set up shop around 145.910 MHz USB, and
started calling on there.  Glenn AA5PK in Texas came back to me 
at 1740 UTC, and we had a nice chat.  After that, Tom N6NUG 
found me at 1744 UTC near the end of the pass for another quick 
chat.  I've worked both of them on the FM satellites in the past, 
and it was nice to get them on VO-52.  Thanks Glenn and Tom!

I then planned to make one more attempt on FO-29 before returning
to Phoenix this afternoon.  I found a nice high (maximum elevation 
75 degrees) pass at 1835-1851 UTC.  I could hear the downlink about
a minute or so into the pass, and could hear myself through FO-29
shortly after that.  Around the halfway point of the pass, I lost
the downlink.  I was not able to hear it for the remainder of the

My radios checked out OK, so now I need to take a look at my Yagi
and coax.  I had a coax issue crop up a few months ago, so that
could be the problem.  I have not read anything that would indicate
a new problem on FO-29, and I'm hoping there are no problems with 
that satellite.  I know I need to get a tripod for the Yagi, to 
free up a hand during the pass, and get more practice with my two-
radio setup with an eye to adding computer control for both 817s
in the future.  

I will put Delfi (DO-64) in my tracking program, and add it as a 
favorite on my account at www.space-track.org, so I can try that
one out as well.  I will also try AO-7 again, and maybe even go
back to my AOR handheld receiver in place of the second 817, to 
see if I can make that work.  



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