[amsat-bb] Re: Boy Scout Contact in AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol 3, Issue 400

joe cassano aka jmario jmario at fast.net
Sat Aug 9 12:29:01 PDT 2008


http://oscar.dcarr.org  is a good place to look for up to date reports 
on types of ISS activity (when it is active).  Another place to look is 
http://www.ariss.net  which indicates that (outside of school contacts) 
the ISS TM-D700 digipeater has not been active for over a month.

The ISS digipeater was more active in the past - wonder why it is rarely 
active these days.


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> From: "Ken Owen" <n6kth at n6kth.com>
> Subject: [amsat-bb]  Help with ISS Boy Scout Contact
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> Hi folks:
> I will be setting up the station that will contact the ISS in less than two
> weeks on behalf of the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club and a local Boy
> Scout troop. The contact is scheduled, and we have the necessary equipment.
> I would like to make sure in advance that my station is tracking the ISS
> correctly.  I wonder if anyone is currently making any ISS contacts (of the
> not so pre-arranged type) and whether the cross-band repeater is in use.
> I've listened on 145.800 for a couple of passes, but I've not heard anything
> yet.
> I appreciate any advice from those who have done this before.
> Thanks,
> Ken Owen, N6KTH
> AMSAT Area Coordinator

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