[amsat-bb] Doohan's remains

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Thu Aug 7 12:24:40 PDT 2008

Someone notified me off-list that I was incorrect about the actor's 
remains being on board.  I don't really care.  Sorry I replied at all.

Just saw some confusion about the videos and figured the news report 
from last time meant there was confusion about the "burial" trip to 
orbit too.

I guess they must have split up the remains and have tried both times -- 
since there were news reports about them "losing" his remains in the 
destruction of the last launch, also.

It would help a lot if the press would get it right.

Sorry if my reply gave anyone heartburn... I personally don't care where 
the ashes of a dead actor end up, as long as he doesn't turn into more 
orbital debris that might hit something useful.

So I've already spent too much time on this thread... back to more 
useful topics... thanks for the correction.

Nate WY0X

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