[amsat-bb] data port rig/tnc cable

Mr Jeffrey L Ross radiooperator at comcast.net
Wed Aug 6 18:04:03 PDT 2008

hi folks, well I'm. halfway there in setting up a downlink/uplink data 
station for sats. So far, a local, way off station can copy me but I can not 
copy him. Was wondering if my wires are right.
heres what i have:
tnc:recv. -rig :9600 out
tnc:xmit - rig :data in
tnc:ptt -rig :ptt
tnc:grnd rig:grnd

pk 96 - ft 857

sound right? if not please let me know,tks

still trying for go-32. /anyone got the status, web aprs page get 
updated/running yet?


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