[amsat-bb] Re: DO-64 8/2/08 16:19 UTC pass

Sat Aug 2 14:21:45 PDT 2008


I was getting set up for the transponder on that pass, and did hear both
myself, and a VE? calling CQ.  Signals in both cases were good, but
variable.  The CW beacon on 145.870 is very strong.

Two points.  I found that the uplink needed to be quite a bit higher in
frequency to hit the nominal center of the passband.  I have seen the number
435.556 to hit 145.900, but I found it was more like 435.561.  Definitely
not a station calibration issue.  So next time, hunt around a bit.  Second,
I found it easy to overload the uplink.  When looking around, I had the TX
power up, and noticed that the first syllable came back strong, but the
downlink dropped off immediately until I backed waaaay off on the power.  I
wasn't sure whether it was AGC action, or a SC power issue.  Anyway, I found
it required very little power to get in without saturating it.


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