[amsat-bb] Re: which is best software for DOPPLER in an FT-847

Sat Aug 2 14:21:45 PDT 2008


HRD is a great program, though the Doppler correction is not quite right.
Also, at some time the FT-847 support got broken.  Simon is aware of both
these issues, and is doing a full update to make the satellite tracking
function a separate program.  So don't count HRD out yet.  It should be an
excellent program.

For now, take a look at SATPC32 here:  http://www.dk1tb.de/indexeng.htm
Erich has developed the program over the years which handles the FT-847 very
well.  Once you set it up, it makes operating almost as easy as HF.  Almost.
Hi Hi!  The Doppler correction is very good.  With fresh Keps and an
accurate computer clock, it easily handles the AO-51 mode S downlink, which
has a large and rapidly changing Doppler shift.  You can download a fully
functional evaluation copy, and give it a try.  There are many here who use
it and can answer your questions.  While not free, it is not expensive, and
the registration fee goes directly to AMSAT to support the ongoing and
future operations.



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